"It is only a game."

"Trolling will get you kicked."

"No-one is perfect."


Main regulations:

  1. No flaming. No hate material, including without limitation, defamatory, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive imagery, content or language.
  2. No disgusting stuff. No pornography or obscene or indecent material.
  3. No politics. No overt propaganda. This site does not tolerate or endorse obvious political agendas, or ones that have blatant messaging of slogans and attacks on religions, ethnic groups, or personalities, or that would otherwise tarnish our reputation.

Also, although this guild is designed for players of age 18 and older, please remember that certain comments made in the heat of battle or between old warlords can be taken in the wrong way by the target or by the audience. Try to avoid such statements or make sure you sort it out before it festers.

In exchange, the Guild and its officers will never:

  • ask for a player's personal password or username.
  • ask for a player's credit card information.
  • pretend we are paid employees of the game, or ask to meet players in person.
  • make any material available for download or distribution that we know contains any computer virus of any kind.

Guild specific regulations:

1. Do not promote the use or location of private servers, hacking tools/services, illegal downloading, botting, or any other related topic. This one shouldn't need much explaining. You're only as good as what YOU bring to the game. Not an outside service, hack, bot, or other type of unfair advantage.

2. If you are having issues, talk to the staff.
Polite complaints/rants would gladly be accepted by our staff members. However, please note that the first place one should look if one is giving feedback on the website is the forum. Also bear in mind that the officers are volunteers and are here to play as well as help.

3. No blatant advertising.
It's perfectly fine to reference an article on another site or mention a cool place you found in passing, but do not publicly or blatantly advertise on this forum. This includes continuously mentioning said advertisement in threads, abusing the private messaging system with mass mailings, and any other form.

4. This Forum
You MUST register on this forum. Otherwise you will miss out on a large part of the guild activity. However, users who create multiple accounts to bypass bans or for other unproductive methods may find themselves subject to a temporary or permanent IP ban. Accounts created to bypass another account's ban will also be banned.

5. Age
You must be 18 or over to join Crucible, that's the game permitted age so it is also the guild minimum age.

6. Overall
Remember we're all here for the same reason: to discuss all that there is to discuss about GW2 in a comfortable and familiar community.